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Green, Health y Education News (Why?)

Curating Green issues (like climate change), Health and Education on Twitter and Facebook

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Why curate news about Green issues (like climate change), Health and Education. WHY?


In October of 2022, I decide to casually curate the news around Green issues (like climate change), Health and Education. Prior to that, well read on for some history.

HispanicTips used to be a premier news service launched in 2005 but today due to the lack of funding for such endeavors the site is gone (as of 2015ish). Back in 2008, I was actually interviewed on national NPR back when blogging was new and cool, lol. The old Hispanictips is now a memory and has morphed into part of my new project at DIG the GOOD.

From the old site:

"Since 2005, I have curated news covering the DIVERSE, VIBRANT, VITAL & HUGE Hispanic & Latino World. We are a demographic tsunami that is impacting all facets of our society from culture to business to politics and everything in between! I advocate that knowledge is power and have helped millions of people easily stay informed with my service.

My mission is simply stated: Help Hispanics and the Nation. Basically, I want to empower people by informing and engaging them with relevant and comprehensive Hispanic and Latino news.

I have a strong following including professors, journalists, media personalities, politicians (U.S. Reps, former Ambassadors, etc.), executives, professionals, teachers as well as activists, bloggers, parents, students and regular people. My readers have always said it best: “love it,” “addictive,” “useful,” “great,” and “invaluable.”"