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Tomás Custer: Digital Strategist

tomás custerFor over 10 years, Tomás Custer has been a leader, pioneer, advocate and authentic voice in utilizing the web to empower people about Hispanics and Latinos. He is an expert and thought leader in Hispanic and Latino news as well as digital curation. This website the product of just one individual with a passion for keeping you informed in order to empower you because knowledge is power.

My mission is simply stated: Help Hispanics and the Nation. Basically, I want to empower people by informing and engaging them with relevant and comprehensive Hispanic and Latino news in the most useful, efficient and stimulating formats.

ON HOLD: The SiOurHistory Project.

Contact Info: e-mail | Voicemail: 310-439-9150 | LinkedIn

I created the world’s largest archive of Hispanic and Latino news with over 115,000 posts (now offline). I started it back in July of 2005 because of the glaring lack of news in English about us. Things have changed quite a bit since then with more than several big media companies starting news websites in English targeting Hispanics but there is still nothing to compare to this service. This site is all about relevant, comprehensive and respectful digital curation of the news to improve our knowledge and understanding.

No one, no organization or government agency has anything close to what I do with this site/service. It is born of a passion to help. If one truly wants to be informed, to be empowered, to understand, to aid and to benefit from this amazing group then here is where you should start. Stay Informed, Be Informed Quickly and Easily.

My readers have always said it best: “love it,” “addictive,” “useful,” “great,” and “invaluable.” :: readers’ quotes & testimonials

An autobiography(ito) of Tomás Custer

tomás custer in hatI am a Hispanic Gen-Xer. I was born and bred in Chicago to a Mexican-American mother and an American father. Unfortunately, I grew up not speaking Spanish as it wasn’t as politically correct back then. Today, I can hold a converstation, but in my own estimation my Spanish sucks. Solo falta practica, supongo. Dos meses en Mexico estaria perfecto. Although my kids make fun of my accent as my x-wife is from Puebla, Mexico and has taught them Spanish from birth. Not that they couldn’t use two months in Mexico as well (of course who couldn’t when it is only 30 degrees out).

I was very lucky to attend good schools and have good parents, family and friends. Yes things good and bad have occurred in my life and I am sure more will come.

tomas custer heart bearProfessionally, I have designed and developed websites since 1998. I practically grew up in a TV station. I have worked in a radio station, a newspaper and Higher Education with various duties. I am an artist specializing in pen &ink re-imagining native styles from around the world and have sold my art in the street and in several galleries. I have waited tables and served food. I am an Aquarius, single and left-handed and still have plenty of hair on my head. I am older than I look but young and curious at heart. I really love to laugh.

Tomás Custer Highlights

  • tomas custer 4-turtlesFeatured in Hispanic Business Magazine’s December 2008 issue for article entitled “Tech Pioneers Forge New Marketing Models
  • Media credentialed for the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver
  • Interviewed for segment on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday (it was my honor to follow Jorge Ramos in this piece)
  • Cited in Ad Age’s Big Tent
  • Media Credentialed for the Latin Grammys
  • Interviewed by Colorado’s NPR
  • Speaker at the 2010 Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference
  • Listed as one of “10 Latino Bloggers You Should Follow on Twitter” by Andy Checo / Edelman
  • An elder statesman of the Latino Blogospere.
  • This site has touched the live’s of more than 4.1 million unique visitors with over 8.5 million page views according to Google Analytics and that doesn’t include social media. With an average time on site of 30 seconds this roughly equates to over 40,800 hours of time people have used just the site to keep informed.
  • Strong following including professors, journalists, media personalities, politicians (U.S. Reps, former Ambassadors, etc.), executives, professionals, teachers as well as activists, bloggers, parents, students and regular people.
  • 1,200+ Newsletter subscribers daily receive my news reviews – delivered over a 1000 times (currently on hold)
  • 3,300+ Twitter followers with 55,000+ tweets twitter.com/hispanictips
  • Facebook (~400 followers) and Tumblr (~400 follower) also Pinterest, Quora, Google+
  • But readers say it best: “love it,” “addictive,” “useful,” “great,” and “invaluable.” :: readers’ quotes & testimonials