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I have a strong following including professors, journalists, media personalities, politicians (U.S. Reps, former Ambassadors, etc.), executives, professionals, teachers as well as activists, bloggers, parents, students and regular people. My readers say it best.

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“Thank you so much for taking so much time and energy to put together all of the Hispanic & Latino news that you put on your website & send out to your email subscribers every day! I get news from HispanicTips that I don’t hear anywhere else.

I was so surprised to find out that you do it all by yourself; that is really amazing : )”

“Thank you for the news letter. It does make it easier to follow the news I had to search around for. Viva Blogante!!! HispanicTips!!!”

“Just to let you know I really apreciate what you are doing and keep us inform , the main media will never disclose openly some of the things you have on here, I live in Oh. cincinnati , and en el nombre de la comunidad latina estamos agradecidos yo soy un pastor de una iglesia bilingue i tengo muchos emigrantes y siempre los quiero tener informados sighu con tu buen trabajo te apoyamos ..”

“well the reason for my contact to you is, is that i am very proud to see someone of my heritage bringing something new and educational to all of us who are not the stereotypical hispanics. when i came upon this site i was surprised and amazed of how much news i had’nt even heard of, which to me is a good thing because i can enlighten others to this news. I think your doing an awesome thing. i will forever be a devoted reader. Thank you so much. feel free to write me back whenever u find the time.. I will be telling people about your site!!!”

“I am a safety director at a small company in west Texas. We have many Hispanics, some speaking only broken English, which makes communication and understanding problematic.When I expressed a desire to relate better to those workers, someone in HASP told me of your site (see link below for an explanation of HASP). It helps me see the world through their eyes, and get in touch with their problems and concerns. If professional safety people don’t relate to the workers on a personal level, the workers in turn quickly tune them out as one more annoyance during the work week.Thanks for helping me connect by giving me an insight into their lives.”

“God bless u, Tomas for everything u’r doing! God bless u!”

“Thanks for your HispanicTips service – I’ve found it very helpful to understand a people, a culture, a market, and an ecosystem much better that I ever did before. It’s also made me recognize the diversity that sometimes gets bundled up in one term: Hispanic.”

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. I’ve learned a great deal by reading it, and it’s good to see it near the top of the list whenever I search for topics concerning the Latino community.”

“Hola Tomás,

I stumbled on your site recently and find myself reading so much of your content I was compelled to share. I sit on the Governor’s Advisory Council on Hispanic Affairs in Delaware and have found articles on your site about Delaware! Everyone forgets about the Latinos in this state, but not you! Gracias, I have urged everyone on the Governor’s council as well as my colleagues to sign up for your site. It’s informative, up to date and you get all of this valuable info “POR NADA!””

“Hola Tomas I was browsing the web and came up on your site… Love it thanks for taking the time and informing us”

“After sending my first email to you, I spent more time searching deeper into your website and I was totally surprised at the amount on content you have. I can see you are well on your way to success.”

“Hola Tomas, que falta de delicadeza la mia el no haberme tomado el tiempo de enviarte una nota para felicitarte y agradecerte por el excelente trabajo que haces. Realmente, muchisimas gracias y saludos,”

“well done. 30,000 is big big big. I am an english speaker and there is no way for me to get the information you give us each day

thank you”

“Just wanted to congratulate you on your website “It’s awesome” and I can’t live without it, its so informative. It keeps me up to date.”

“This is a great site. It is incredibly useful and it makes my job easier. Thank you very much.”

“Hi Tomas!

I just found your website and it is great! i don’t know how you keep up with all the news let alone write it on yhour site! WOW!”

“Solamente para felicitarte por tu pagina..siempre es interesante e informativa..

mil gracias por sintetizar de una manera magistral la particiacion latina en contexto global””It has been an invaluable resource for me as a journalist and book author.”

“I recently discovered your website and love the information that I’ve been able to find on it. It is very helpful to me in my work as a peer education coordinator working for a Latino agency to end domestic and other types of violence in our Latino communities through community and peer education for Latinas and Latino youth. I have come across invaluable information regarding our Latino youth and the challenges they are facing and undertaking”

“great site and it helps in this movement we are in. I am a morning show producer and we are a bilingual station and you are one of 2 sources i use to give hispanics information here in Houston”

“I read your newsletter regularly. Not only I really enjoy it, but occasionally share it with my colleagues which allows me to look smart and on top of the market trends.”

“I’m not a business owner but I am a really interested reader of this site. I’m just a single mom who really enjoys reading hispanic tips! I get news here that I normally would not get anywhere else and that is important to me and I’m sure a lot of others too.”

“I too check Hispanic tips daily and appreciate your time and commitment. I work at a university and refer to your blog for the lastest on hispanic news.”

“I find it so informative and helpful for the book that I am working on and for the business that I am in.”


“Tomas, you definetly are doing a great service for the Hispanic community. I am in the business field and the info that you send out daily is extremely helpful. It acutally keeps me up to date on events that are important to me as a Latino. Also reading all these stories from around the country has given me a much clearer picture of the Latinos in this countries. Thanks for your hard work”

“I am Brand Manager for an ad agency in Dallas. I love you site, it is so complete. Since I subscribed to your site I cancelled all my other subscriptions because your emails come with everything in it: the whole enchilada in just one email! ”

“I am a senior student at USC, I receive your emails all the time …I love reading your stuff..it’s so interesting, informative and best of all about Hispanics! =) Thanks for keeping us informed.”

“I am a big fan of what you do and read it everyday. I have turned several media insiders onto your service and they are impressed. Your service has great potential, your dedication is impressive.”

” I am a reporter, hired at this small newspaper to be one of 2 reporters for a spanish-language paper that’s supposed to start in March. I can talk spanish ok (having been brought up on it) but writing may be a little shaky. we’ll see. but I’m not writing to whine about my lack of writing expertise – rather to tell you how much I enjoy the Tips and how much I get out of them. Thank you so much — I mean, muchisimas gracias por tu trabajo! It’s a much needed and valued service.”