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About HispanicTips

This site/service and I have recently gone through a major change in how I curate and bring the news stream to you. Now I provide a simple, mobile-optimized stream here based on social media (specifically my Twitter account) instead of a full-blown site with a database backend. Consistency is important and sometimes I have posts 24 hours a day, sometimes in bursts every 5 minutes for hours but I try to update every 30 minutes although some days I have to take off for I am human and am doing this for the sake of knowledge without recompense.

What is happening in the Hispanic/Latino world? In case you have been hiding under a rock we are a force to reckon with as demonstrated by the 2012 Presidential election and we are only growing larger and more influential.

HispanicTips explores, organizes and shares the best news from little blogs to big media sites to easily empower you. From serious news (like politics, health, education & immigration) to social justice to culture to business (in the U.S., Latin America and beyond), it really is the best barometer we have for this incredibly diverse, vibrant and vital group.

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It isn’t easy being independent media but we as a society need it. The diverse growing group known as Hispanics or Latinos especially need it. If we want only big corporations to give us the news and/or if we only rely on news that is supported through advertising then we will never get a full clear picture or anyway to analyze our history as it unfolds on the web. If we really want to help, to understand, to create and aid leaders we need knowledge and archival tools like HispanicTips.

No one, no organization or government agency has anything close to what I do with this site/service. It is born of a passion to help. If one truly wants to be informed, to be empowered, to understand, to aid and to benefit from this amazing group then here is where you should start. Stay Informed, Be Informed Quickly and Easily.

My readers have always said it best: “love it,” “addictive,” “useful,” “great,” and “invaluable.” :: readers’ quotes & testimonials

Hispanic Tsunami Warning!

The numbers simply can’t be ignored. Hispanics in 2013 will reach 55 million – not including Puerto Rico. Between 2013 and 2018 an average of 1,483,609 Hispanic per year will be added to the U.S. population. By 2018 (in five short years), about 19% of the U.S. population will be of Hispanic origin (62.5 million people) accounting for nearly 60% of growth during that period. The wave has already hit and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can stop it. By 2050, Hispanic could be as high as 30% of the U.S. population. The University of Virginia released the first national population projections, using the latest Census data in July of 2013 and came up with these numbers 67.7 Million Hispanics in 2020 – 86.6 Million in 2030 – 106.2 Million in 2040.

All facets of our society such as culture, religion, the economy, health, education and politics are being impacted and will continue to be for decades. I don’t really like saying it but we are now being targeted, wooed and strategized over by some of the smartest forward-thinking people in the country because they understand the numbers and how they are growing. We already have $1 trillion in spending power (that is a lot of zeros – $1,000,000,000,000!) and played a pivotal role in the 2012 Presidential Election.

Close your eyes and imagine the future as these number only grow. Will you be ready? Is your organization ready? It would behoove every organization, business and government entity as well as those employed or elected by them to stay informed about this growing, diverse and vibrant group of people. In fact, I say that it is IMPERATIVE TO STAY INFORMED about this dynamic and diverse shift that is sweeping the nation right now and a big part of the future.

Why Trust HispanicTips

With eight years of experience I am an expert and leader in curating Hispanic news and information to keep you easily informed. I created the world’s largest Hispanic/Latino news archive with over 115,000 posts dating back to 2005 (now offline). I have also summarized the news in my newsletters and reports over a 1,000 times providing an easy way to stay informed and empowered. In other words, I really am an EXPERT and have the track record to prove it. Many people TRUST my service.

This site has already touched the lives of 4.5 million people and many of my subscribers are professors, journalists, media personalities, politicians (U.S. Reps, former Ambassadors, etc.), executives, professionals as well as activists, parents, students and regular people. My readers always say it best: “love it,” “addictive,” “useful,” “great,” and “invaluable.” Check out some Readers’ Quotes and Testimonials. Remember, the more of us that are informed the better for all. Knowledge is Power.

You need to understand

78% (`39+ million) of Latinos are either English dominant or bilingual and have $780 billion in spending power. Read that again. It has been and still is my belief that part of the reason Hispanics still lack the power, attention and exposure our numbers (50 million+) and spending power ($1 trillion) should yield is due to the combination of the lack of engaging and relevant news in English (although this is changing slowly) as well as the lack of an authoritative voice built upon a strong foundation/system of information. After all if we want people to understand us we can’t expect them to learn Spanish. We must be the leaders. We must take the lead. Hispanictips and I attempt to address these issues so that both we as Latinos and the rest of the nation can begin to understand the historic multi-faceted tidal wave of demographic change that is occurring in our country.

Some Statistics References

Here are language preferences for Latinos from Ad Age’s Hispanic Fact Pack 2011

  • English Only 19%
  • Mostly English, but some Spanish 31%
  • Mostly Spanish, but some English 25%
  • Spanish Only 25%

These numbers really change by generation as would be expected with acculturation (check out the link above to see). You can do the math although coming up with an exact number using this statistics is hard as they split bilinguals up into the 2 parts. This is why I say “roughly 2/3rds” for it lies somewhere between 75% and 50% depending on how you want to look at it. According to the 2010 Census: 78% (39+ million) of US Hispanic are English dominant or bilingual

  • WHAT PORTION IS BILINGUAL? 54% (speak Spanish and English “very well” or “well”)
  • WHAT PORTION IS SPANISH-SPEAKING ONLY? 22% (speak English “not well” or “not at all”)
  • The buying power of Hispanics will rise from $1 trillion in 2010 to $1.5 trillion in 2015, accounting for nearly 11% of the nation’s total buying power.:(Source: Despite Recession, Hispanic And Asian Buying Power Expected to Surge In U.S., According to Annual UGA Selig Center Multicultural Economy Study – 4 November 2010)
  • 78% * $1 trillion = $780 billion or $780,000,000,000!

To Think About

Are Hispanics and Latinos important to you or your family, to your business or organization? Shouldn’t we be? We are over 50 Million strong and growing fast, 56% of the US population growth between 2000 and 2010. We are 1 out of every 6 individuals and 1 out of every 4 children We have $1 trillion in buying power ($1,000,000,000,000)! WE ARE VITAL to this nation culturally, economically and politically.